With our decades of experience, we are extremely confident that we will find the best motor for your project

    Review Golenn’s four-step development plan for ensuring comprehensive solutions for your electric motor project.

Industrial Equipment Repair

    For over two decades, we’ve continuously refined our development process to ensure that every client receives their motor exactly as they need it. No matter which stage your motor project is at, we will work with you from design through implementation and beyond.

We Helps You Select the Best Motor for your Needs

※ Step #1: Motor Selection

For new or existing applications, you can count on Us to help you design the proper motor based on your specific requirements. We will take into consideration your exact requirements and priorities, as well as your budget.

※ Step #2: Factory Engagement

After we agree on your design parameters, we will identify the best manufacturers. We only contract with vetted suppliers—those with whom we already have a trusted relationship built on quality craftsmanship and reliability.

※ Step #3: Budgetary Pricing

In order to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient process possible, we package our pricing in an easy to read statement. This budgetary pricing package includes:

※ Step #4: Application Development Meetings

From the design through the implementation of your motor project, we will work closely with you on all aspects of the development plan.

The application development meetings include:

Have questions about the motor development plan?

Contact us to learn more about our development plan and how it can benefit your next OEM project.

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