Frequently Asked Questions

※ What is OEM?

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer. We use this term to show we sell to manufacturers who use our motors.

※ What is Fractional Horse Power?

Fractional horse power motors—sometimes called sub-fractional horse power motors—are typically used in smaller applications, including medical devices that must dispense medication or perform a vital health function consistently and reliably.

As tiny as these motors can be, they use a precisely designed gear system to perform efficiently and accurately. And just because they are small doesn’t mean they’re simple. These are complex gear motors that require skill, knowledge and experience to get them right.

※ How do I choose a suitable stepper motor for my application?

There are several important criteria to consider: holding torque, physical size (NEMA size, length of motor etc.), supply voltage, and supply current etc. Once you determine these key criteria, we can find a suitable model for you. Feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help you with the selection process.

※ I need a non-standard motor for my application, can you help?

Certainly, most of our customers request custom configurations in one form or another. If you plan on replacing a motor in an existing application, just send us a drawing or sample and we can help you find a suitable replacement. Alternatively, contact us and describe your application, our engineers will work with you to create a tailor-made solution.

※ How long should I expect the lead-time/delivery to be?

If you are ordering samples of standard models, we can usually have them shipped and delivered within 5 days by air. When requesting custom motors, please allow us a 4-5 week lead-time.

※ How are your products delivered?

We are very flexible with shipping and have dealings with most major courier services around the world. When placing an order, simply provide us a shipping address and contact information, we will handle the rest. If there is a forwarder or courier you prefer to use, just let us know and we will accommodate.

※ What can you tell me about the quality of your motors?

Delivering quality products is an absolute priority for us. We have test procedures throughout the manufacturing process starting from individual components. If you need a specialized motor from us, we also augment our existing test plans with custom testing solutions. In the rare case that an issue does arise, we will work with you to solve any problems in a timely and transparent manner.

※ Do you provide OEM services? Can I request my own logo?

Yes, we can provide OEM services for volume production. Feel free to talk to us about your branding needs.

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