Golenn Services offers a full range of Consulting Services to help you make the most of your existing plant operations and reduce costs through strategies such as long-term facility maintenance and outsourced electronic equipment maintenance. Gain control over your Total Cost of Ownership for all your equipment with a new strategy program designed to streamline production processes and costs, reduce maintenance costs and demands, support plant performance goals and identify equipment services designed to achieve results at an affordable rate. Services range from individual site assessments for your facilities as well as fully outsourced electronic maintenance engagements. Learn more and understand how we can help by contact us, where our expert facility maintenance consulting team will discuss why some of the most efficient manufacturers in the world choose the Services.

AC & DC Drive Services

Contact Us for AC and DC Drive Repair Services Today

    The skilled electronics repair professionals at Golenn Services are also familiar with all the major electronics brands


    The proper functioning of your AC and DC drives is not something you want to gamble with. You need them working right, and repairs need to be quick.

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  • Chart Recorders Services

    Electronic Chart Recorder Repair Services

      Do you use electronic chart recorders in your business? Do you have a plan for what to do when your electronic chart recorders break down?


      Perhaps you’ve decided you’ll just buy a new one if that should happen, but this is often not the most cost-effective solution.

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  • CNC control Services

    CNC Controls Repair Service

      Many companies, especially factory-based companies, rely heavily on CNC controls for their survival.


      CNC controls can be a huge benefit of modern technology, but the more you rely upon them, the more trouble you’re in if you find yourself in need of CNC controls repair.

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  • Counters & Timers

    Industrial Counters & Timers Repair Service

      A lot of businesses run quite effectively using industrial counters and timers, but when those counters or timers break down, it can present a challenging problem. Do you just toss them and buy new ones?


      You probably know it is often cheaper to seek out industrial counter repair, but you may worry that you won’t get your counters back in good condition, or that it will take forever for the service company to fix them. If these are your concerns, look to Golenn Services for industrial timer repair.

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  • Flow Meters

    Flow Meters Repair

      Your flow meters are a fundamental part of your business, and you need them to be working at maximum efficiency at all times. That’s why when one of your flow meters breaks down or requires maintenance


      While we are probably best known for general repair of industrial electronics, we are also the flow meter repair experts.

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  • I/O Module and Board Repair Services

    I/O Module and Board Repair Services

      If electronics are an integral part of your business, sooner or later you may find yourself in need of I/O module repair or I/O board repair.


      While I/O board or module replacement is certainly an option, you may find yourself saving your business considerable cost if you engage I/O module or I/O board repair services instead.

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  • LED and CRT Repair Services

    LED and CRT Repair Services

      For industrial CRT monitor repair or industrial LED monitor repair, there’s no reason to look any further than Golenn Services. Your and monitors are the eyes of your operation, and we can make sure you see clearly all the time.


      When your monitors come in to us, we immediately evaluate the problem, and as part of our industrial monitor repair services, perform any necessary maintenance. When you get your monitors back, we are confident you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with the results.

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  • PLC Repair Service

    PLC Repair Service

      If your electronic equipment is vital to your business, then knowing who to call when that equipment goes down is just as vital. For programmable logic controller (PLC) repair, the clear choice is us Services.


      We are a proven leader in the repair of all industrial electronics, including PLC repair service and electronic PLC maintenance service. If your company has a PLC that needs repairing or routine maintenance, we’ll provide you with high-quality service for an even higher-quality result.

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  • Industrial Power Supply Repair Services

    Industrial Power Supply Repair Services

      Any business that uses an industrial power supply needs a reliable repair service. When a power supply goes out, companies are faced with unexpected downtime that can derail projects and drive down revenue.


      The Services is prepared to provide efficient repair services for any industrial power supply, so your business can minimize the impact on operations when equipment fails.

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  • PCB Repair Service

    PCB Repair Service

      You invest a lot in your printed circuit boards (PCBs), so you don’t want to pay for new ones every time a circuit board goes bad.


      Circuit board repair is the solution, but it’s essential to work with experts who have worked with a variety of PCB issues and have the experience needed to handle any problem.

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  • Robotics

    Repair and Maintenance Service Industrial Robotics

      You work with industrial robots for one reason: to increase efficiency in your operations. However, it’s not very efficient when your robots aren’t working the way they should be.


      Fortunately, when it comes to industrial robot repairs, you know the one name you need to get right back on track. That name is Golenn Services.

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  • Transducers

    Sensor Repair and Maintenance Services

      Sensor errors for electronics, motor and hydraulics systems can cause significant disruption to your operations and even lead to machining, production or processes that ruin products, damage equipment and bring everything to a standstill.


      Sensors and older transducers require consistent maintenance services and immediate repairs when there is a concern. But, you likely have sensors across a wide range of equipment from an even larger number of OEMs. Normally that can make finding a repair or sensor replacement service a problem.

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  • Safety Light Curtain, Photo-Eye, Scanner Sensor

    Repair Services – Safety Light Curtain, Photo-Eye, Scanner Sensor

      Safety is crucial to your industry, and neglecting it could have serious consequences down the road.


      When you need sick light curtain repair services, photo eye sensor repair, scanner repair services or other safety electronics repairs, you want to call the name you can trust us Services.

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  • Ultrasonic Equipment

    Ultrasonic Equipment Repair Service

      There’s no time to wait — get your ultrasonic equipment serviced right away to help minimize downtime and keep your operation secure. From flow meters and measure controls to ultrasonic welders and more, Golenn Services has spent decades servicing and maintaining ultrasonic equipment for companies all across the globe.


      Get your equipment back up to original OEM standards with a certified, professional ultrasonic equipment repair service that fully inspects and evaluates each piece of equipment in real-world conditions before it is returned to you. You deserve a repair service you can trust and a reliable partner that can help maintain efficiencies, allowing you to stay on budget.

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  • Custom Electric Motors

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