MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Repair

    Our electronic repair laboratory performs repairs at component level (tachometer, encoder, resolver, hall effects or tachsyns). Feedback devices are adjusted to the correct timing, waveform shape, offset angle, and voltage level.


    Our in-house machine shop can repair or remanufacture damaged shafts, sleeve endbells, or repair motor housings. Shafts are dynamically balanced to mil specs to eliminate vibration.

    State-of-the-art equipment enables us to precisely set encoder or feedback alignment and to run test the motor. All tests are recorded including reverse generated voltage readings (BEMF), winding waveforms, feedback signals and For expert servo motor repair & stepper motor repair, there’s a reason TigerTek is the nation’s leading service provider. We’ve repaired servo motors from clients like NASA, Goodyear, Proctor & Gamble, and many more.alignment data.

    Our huge spare parts inventory ensures rapid turnaround of your servo motor repair.

    Our experienced servo repair specialists have years of hands-on technical training and practical repair knowledge.

MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Repair

※ Our team of certified Mitsubishi servo repair specialists have worked with motors across the Mitsubishi Automation product line, including:

KP - suited for smaller applications, the KP type motor is ideal for machines with low rigidity (IE, conveyors) and those with fluctuating load inertia. Typical applications include printers, food preparation machinery, and smaller robots & loaders/unloaders.

MP - the MP's small motor inertia moment lends it to high-frequency operation, usually in conjunction with ball screw components. Applications include label printers, ultra-small robots, and embroidering/knitting machines.

JP - the type JP is a compact, low-enertia/high-speed motor. Printing machines, palletizing systems, and food/packaging applications are suited to this motor.

SP - configured to deliver stable control across a range of speeds, the SP can be integrated across a variety of applications, including conveyor systems, robots, loaders & unloaders, turrets, and winders & tension devices.

RP - the RP is a medium capacity, low-inertia model best suited for high-frequency usage when compact size is needed. Customary applications are loaders and unloaders, conveyor machinery, and roll feeders.

Golenn offers extensive repairs, maintenance and service on Mitsubishi's entire line of rotary servo motors.

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