Onsite Electric Motor Repair

    With dedicated field service teams offering local, regional and national service, we delivers more technical resources than other independent service providers, plus extensive industry-specific experience.


    We provide complete field services for electric motors:

    1. Predictive and preventive maintenance

    2. Dedicated & experienced field service specialists

    3. Troubleshooting using state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies

    4. Predictive and preventive maintenance services

    5. Maintenance assessments with documented recommendations

    6. Engineering consulting & Root Cause Failure Analysis

    7. On- and off-line electrical tests

    8. Embedded service technicians

    9. Equipment rigging, removal, installation and startup

    10. Emergency services and outage support

Onsite Electric Motor Repair

※ The Motor Technology to field service offering

This new diagnostic technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration invisible to the human eye. It quantifies any movement of mechanical or structural assets with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor. Lets us identify and solve problems in the field quickly, with Golenn engineers reviewing the data remotely and collaborating with our field service technicians.

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