Permanent Magnet DC Motor Repair

    Commonly referred to as PMDC motors, these highly complex direct current motors are ideal for applications where portability and mobility are desired. Prized for their advantages in efficiency and control over AC motors, the use of PMDC motors is growing rapidly.


    Our permanent magnet motor repair shop has the experience, equipment, and skill needed to return PMDC motors back to OEM specifications. Our in-house PMDC motor repair department is built out with the necessary testing equipment needed to ensure the integrity of the entire unit upon completion of repair – our technicians run-test every PMDC motor before returning it to you, complete with one year warranty. Read below for more information, or contact us 24/7.

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Golenn’s extensive experience with PMDC motor repair is a key reasons why clients believe us (from smaller facilities to Fortune 500 manufacturers) choose to send their permanent magnet motors to us for repair. PMDC motors are highly complex – the following figure illustrates the primary components of a PMDC motor:

In the above illustration, the stator iron is a simple hollow cylinder, where the permanent magnets themselves are segments of radially-magnetized ferrites. Note the complex arrangement of the windings modeled.

Aside from the windings, stator, rotor and windings shown above, most PMDC motors are augmented

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