Industrial Power Supply Repair Services

    Any business that uses an industrial power supply needs a reliable repair service. When a power supply goes out, companies are faced with unexpected downtime that can derail projects and drive down revenue.


    The Services is prepared to provide efficient repair services for any industrial power supply, so your business can minimize the impact on operations when equipment fails.

Industrial Power Supply Repair Services

※ Why Choose the Services for Power Supply Repair?

Many electronics companies take shortcuts and outsource a portion of their work to other businesses. They do this as a way to cut costs, and the practice comes with serious drawbacks for the end customer. Poor communication and lack of transparency make it hard to know who’s really handling your company’s repair needs, and it’s often difficult to get up-to-date information on how the repair is going.

Your company can rest assured that all power supply repair is performed by our experienced repair technicians. It also means we have thousands of common components ready to go and don’t have to wait for various parts to come in like many other companies do. We even stock obsolete components, allowing us to perform repairs on power supplies that other companies simply don’t have the parts to service.

Not knowing what’s going on during the industrial power repair process can cause severe frustration and make it hard to plan around your company’s power supply repair. That’s why we offer process tracking through our customer portal. Simply log in and track where each order is in the repair process. You can also view your order history, pay for orders and approve quotes through the convenient portal.

※ Industrial Power Supply Repair Process

1. Upon receiving a request, the repair is immediately logged in our system with its own unique barcode for tracking. A technician completes an initial evaluation of the repair and generates a list of the parts needed to complete the repair. Using this parts list and evaluation, we create a quote for your company within 24 hours and submit it for approval via a phone call and confirming email.

2. Once your company approves the quote, we assign a technician to the power supply unit. The technician disassembles the unit and begins troubleshooting the equipment — this involves finding electronic signatures and determining their functionality as well as their performance.

3. Using the information learned in the previous step, the technician performs true load testing and runs simulations to find out the conditions under which the unit fails. This provides the necessary information to complete the repair. After the technician completes the repair, further testing under load conditions ensures the unit is functioning optimally.

4. Some companies perform repairs but do not take the extra steps to ensure the unit is fully ready to go once the customer receives it. This can result in your company receiving a unit that is functional but needs additional cleaning before it can be put back into service. Once the repair is complete and tested, the unit goes to the cleaning station. Technicians use cleaners formulated for electronics, including degreasers and oil tracers. Some repairs require time in a drying room to ensure moisture evaporates completely. This cleaning step ensures that the unit is ready for installation the moment your company receives it.

5. Our experienced quality assurance team does one more round of checks to make sure the power supply unit is fully functional and ready to go back into service. Once this is confirmed, the repair is prepped for shipping. We understand the importance of proper packaging and take multiple measures to ensure safe shipping. We determine packaging needs based on the size, shape and weight of the repaired item. When necessary to protect the repair, we provide custom packaging for shipment. After we ship the power supply back to your company, we create a detailed invoice which is available for viewing in the Secure Customer Portal.

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