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    You work with industrial robots for one reason: to increase efficiency in your operations. However, it’s not very efficient when your robots aren’t working the way they should be.


    Fortunately, when it comes to industrial robot repairs, you know the one name you need to get right back on track. That name is Golenn Services.


※ How Often Do You Need Industrial Robot Preventative Maintenance?

It’s usually pretty easy to know when you are in need of robot repair, but what about maintenance of industrial robots? When it comes to your industrial robots, preventative maintenance is critical. It may be tempting to not make any extra efforts or expenditures to care for your robots until something goes wrong with them, but this can be a big mistake for a number of reasons.

First, preventative maintenance allows you to identify potential issues with your industrial robots before they become big repair problems. Noticing a part is about to wear out during a basic maintenance check and quickly replacing it is much cheaper and easier than waiting for that part to fail, possibly taking other parts of the robot and whatever it is working on with it. The result is a printed circuit board repair service that is fast, efficient and effective at getting your boards functioning like new.

Preventative maintenance for your industrial robots also allows you to extend the life of those robots dramatically. Even if nothing is obviously wrong, when a robot is poorly cared for, it may put additional stress on the machine’s parts. You may not notice it in day-to-day performance, but over time, those stresses can add up and put an end to your robot’s life long before its due.

Finally, by doing regular preventative maintenance, you control how your robot’s repairs will affect your business. If a maintenance check reveals a problem, you can solve the problem in stages, or fix it at a time when the robot would normally not be in operation or can have its duties replaced by another robot. In this way you can dramatically reduce downtime or not have any downtime at all, preserving your productivity. On the other hand, if you wait until the robot goes down, your whole production line could grind to a halt as you figure out how to solve the problem and get things back on track.

So how often should you schedule professional preventative maintenance for your industrial robots? The trick here is that the answer is not the same for all robots. Different robotic companies will give you different time frames for when you should do maintenance on their machines. FANUC, for example, recommends a preventative maintenance procedure every 12 months or 3,850 hours, whichever comes first. KUKA suggests every 10,000 hours.

The best thing to do is to check the manufacturer’s recommendation for professional maintenance as soon as you take delivery of the robot. If you can’t find the recommendation in the manual, call the manufacturer to find out. Whatever maintenance schedule they provide is the one you should follow. You can certainly schedule preventative maintenance more frequently, but you should not wait longer than the manufacturer’s recommendation to schedule your maintenance.

When you do schedule maintenance, it’s important to schedule it with an experienced professional that knows your brand of robot intimately and has a thorough and complete maintenance process for your particular machine.

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