SANYO DENKI Servo Motor Repair

    Our technicians are trained SANYO DENKI servo motor specialists who have years of experience, as well as the necessary SANYO DENKI interfaces and factory specifications to fully run-test your servo motor.


    For SANYO DENKI servo motor repair services, Golenn Industrial Services is your national source. We provide solutions for all your SANYO DENKI servo repair needs with a full range of services for servo motors, drives, amplifiers and servo-controllers. We offer both motor shop and electronic repair services for our customers.

SANYO DENKI Servo Motor Repair

※ For SANYO DENKI servo motor repairs & service, Golenn is the only choice.

1. Our technicians are factory trained experts on SANYO DENKI Servo motors

2. All SANYO DENKI servo motors repaired with OEM parts from our massive on-site inventory - no waiting for parts to be shipped!

3. Our servo repair technicians have thousands of hours of experience with SANYO DENKI motors and servo systems - by sending your motor to Golenn, you're ensuring that your motor will be returned as good as new.

4. All SANYO DENKI servos are run-tested in our fully equipped laboratory before being shipped out - complete with a detailed failure report and 1-year warranty

5. As the nation's leading servo repair experts, our order volume helps us cut per-unit cost and pass the savings onto you.

※ SANYO DENKI Servo Motor Repairs

We've repaired thousands of SANYO DENKI servo motors. Golenn understands that when a customer ships their SANYO DENKI servo motor to our facility, they're expecting quality repair work, lighting-quick turnaround, the utmost in customer service, and the assurance that we stand behind our repair work. Our hundreds of satisfied customers (including many Fortune 1000 companies) have discovered that Golenn is the only choice for national servo motor repair!

1. Specialized laboratory testing ensures that your servo motor is fully load-tested before being securely packed and returned to you, including a detailed failure report.

2. We're so confidant in our servo technicians' abilities that every servo motor we repair is returned with a 1 year warranty - regardless of age or condition.

3. Our full-service, in-house machine shop ensures that any necessary fabrication is handled quickly and accurately.

4. Our climate-controlled facility is maintained at exact settings to prevent damage from humidity and high temperatures. For SANYO DENKI servo motor repair, Golenn is your nationwide service center!

5. Contact us for a free quote or call to speak with a service specialist today!

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