Industrial Repair Services

Industrial Repair Services

    We provides a single source for plant maintenance and repairs.


    We have multiple repair departments, which are staffed by technical experts. These multi-skilled craftsmen can handle your electrical, mechanical, fluid power and electronic repair needs. With our in-house machine shop and vast parts inventory, we can quickly complete extremely complex repairs.

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  • SANYO DENKI Servo Motor Repair

    SANYO DENKI Servo Motor Repair

      Our technicians are trained SANYO DENKI servo motor specialists who have years of experience, as well as the necessary SANYO DENKI interfaces and factory specifications to fully run-test your servo motor.


      For SANYO DENKI servo motor repair services, Golenn Industrial Services is your national source. We provide solutions for all your SANYO DENKI servo repair needs with a full range of services for servo motors, drives, amplifiers and servo-controllers. We offer both motor shop and electronic repair services for our customers.

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  • Panasonic Servo Motor Repair

    Panasonic Servo Motor Repair

      Specialized laboratory testing ensures that your servo motor is fully load-tested before being securely packed and returned to you, including a detailed failure report.


      Our full-service, in-house machine shop ensures that any necessary fabrication is handled quickly and accurately. Our climate-controlled facility is maintained at exact settings to prevent damage from humidity and high temperatures.

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  • Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair

    Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair

      Our technicians have extensive training on Yaskawa's rotary servo line, providing our clients with expert repair and maintenance service.


      We provided with all servo repairs, regardless of the age or condition of the motor. In our fully-equipped laboratory, we extensively load-test every repaired servo before sending it out, complete with a detailed failure report. All of this is provided with industry-leading turnaround time and the utmost in customer service - that's the Golenn difference!

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  • MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Repair

    MITSUBISHI Servo Motor Repair

      Our electronic repair laboratory performs repairs at component level (tachometer, encoder, resolver, hall effects or tachsyns). Feedback devices are adjusted to the correct timing, waveform shape, offset angle, and voltage level.

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  • Stepper Motor Repair

    Stepper Motor Maintenance and Repair Services

      Golenn provides nationwide stepper motor repair for all brands of motors. We service all motors at our in-house repair & testing lab, where your stepper motor is repaired using OEM parts and returned to factory specifications. Unlike many companies that claim to be a stepper motor repair shop,


      We NEVER outsources any motor to an outside source. We focus on quality workmanship, customer service, and lightning-fast turnaround. Our technicians are experienced and certified stepper motor repair specialists, which is why we diligently run-test every repair and confidently return it with a one year warranty.

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  • Stepper Motor Repair

    Permanent Magnet DC Motor Repair

      Commonly referred to as PMDC motors, these highly complex direct current motors are ideal for applications where portability and mobility are desired. Prized for their advantages in efficiency and control over AC motors, the use of PMDC motors is growing rapidly.


      Our permanent magnet motor repair shop has the experience, equipment, and skill needed to return PMDC motors back to OEM specifications. Our in-house PMDC motor repair department is built out with the necessary testing equipment needed to ensure the integrity of the entire unit upon completion of repair – our technicians run-test every PMDC motor before returning it to you, complete with one year warranty. Read below for more information, or contact us 24/7.

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  • Spindle Motor Repair

    Spindle Motor Repair Services

      Our spindle motor repair specialists have the expertise, technical ability, and lightning-quick turnaround time required to minimize your downtime with a run-tested, guaranteed spindle motor repair.


      All motors are repaired in our electric motor maintenance shop – always in-house, and never by an outsourced vendor. Our technicians use OEM parts from our massive inventory, ensuring that your spindle motor is returned to factory specifications before being run-tested and undergoing extensive quality assurance checks in our lab. All spindle motor repairs are then shipped directly from Golenn back to your facility, complete with a one year warranty. Contact your repair specialist to discover the Golenn difference today!

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  • Onsite Electric Motor Repair

    Onsite Electric Motor Repair

      With dedicated field service teams offering local, regional and national service, we delivers more technical resources than other independent service providers, plus extensive industry-specific experience.

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