The small brush DC motors are ideal for your portable and small devices

Small electric motors operate a wide variety of electrical devices, such as remote-control models, children’s railroad sets and computers. They generally operate on low-voltage electricity — 6 to 24 volts — and are powered by batteries or a transformer that reduces 110 volts to the required low voltage. There are few, if any, serviceable parts in small electric motors, and generally it’s less expensive to buy a replacement rather than attempt a repair.

main series of small DC Motors: LD-030,LD-050,LD-140,LD-170,LD-180,LD-300,LD-310,LD-400,LD-500 LD-260,LD-280,LD-320,LD-360/365,LD-370,LD-380/385,LD-540,LD-550/555 LD-750,LD-775,LD-7712,LD-997,LD-1200,LD-D7010

Small DC Motor Pictures

    Typical Application of Small DC Motors:

    1. *Audio and Visual Equipment such as CD,VCD,MD,DVD etc.

    2. *Office Automation Equipment such as CD/DVD-ROM,FAX machine,printer etc.

    3. *Home Appliance such as Electric Toothbursh, Electric Shaver, HairDryer, NoseCare, HairClipper, Hair Dressing etc.

    4. *Automotive Appliance such as Rearview Mirror,Door Lock,Door Closer,Power.

    5. *Any other possible applications.

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