Spindle Motor Repair Services

    Our spindle motor repair specialists have the expertise, technical ability, and lightning-quick turnaround time required to minimize your downtime with a run-tested, guaranteed spindle motor repair.


    All motors are repaired in our electric motor maintenance shop – always in-house, and never by an outsourced vendor. Our technicians use OEM parts from our massive inventory, ensuring that your spindle motor is returned to factory specifications before being run-tested and undergoing extensive quality assurance checks in our lab. All spindle motor repairs are then shipped directly from Golenn back to your facility, complete with a one year warranty. Contact your repair specialist to discover the Golenn difference today!

Spindle Motor Repair

※ Spindle Repair Tips fou you, and when seeking a spindle motor repair vendor, look for a shop that maintains the following standards:

1. Certified Facilities – all repair facilities must be certified as a Class 10,000 Clean Room. The repair workstation itself should ideally be a certified Class 1000 Laminar Flow Bench.

2. Prep Cleaning – A 3 micron “absolute” filtration for solvents must be maintained throughout the process, but is especially key during the early stages of spindle repair. Compressed air used for cleaning must be filtered down to the .08 micron level and dried to a minimum dew point of -40 F.

3. Proper Care of Open Bearings – Greased packed opening bearings are particularly susceptible to dust that may be roughly 5 microns in size. These very small particles are invisible to the naked human eye, which can typically only see matter of 40 microns or above. At all stages of the repair process, proper controls must be in place to prevent the introduction of foreign matter to sensitive areas of the motor.

An improper spindle motor repair process is actually a leading cause of spindle motor failure. We know that exact tolerances, performance standards, and cleanliness levels are critical to avoiding premature spindle failure.

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