Stepper Motor Maintenance and Repair Services

    Golenn provides nationwide stepper motor repair for all brands of motors. We service all motors at our in-house repair & testing lab, where your stepper motor is repaired using OEM parts and returned to factory specifications. Unlike many companies that claim to be a stepper motor repair shop,


    We NEVER outsources any motor to an outside source. We focus on quality workmanship, customer service, and lightning-fast turnaround. Our technicians are experienced and certified stepper motor repair specialists, which is why we diligently run-test every repair and confidently return it with a one year warranty.

Stepper Motor Repair

※ Stepper Motor Repair Basics

Golenn has built a reputation as one of the nation’s leading sources of servo motor repair, but our expertise extends to all major brands of stepper motors as well. Many Golenn clients have stepper motor-equipped facilities due to their lower cost in small motor applications – highly stable with dynamic loads, these motors are best suited for applications requiring high holding toque, low-medium acceleration rates and at speeds under 2,000 RPM. Due to their many pole motors (anywhere from 50 to 100, versus the 4 to 12 motors used by servos), stepper motors move accurately between these positions without the use of an encoder. This can increase motor and drive heat during operation, but also gives the stepper motor increased stability and torque at low speeds.

Your Stepper Motor Repair Shop

Dedicated service at all times – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Golenn is there when you need it

In house facilities – all stepper motor repairs performed on site by factory-trained Golenn specialists

Massive inventory of OEM parts on hand – minimize your facility’s downtime through one of our RUSH stepper motor repair options

Computerized job tracking – stay in the loop as your motor is repaired

Post-Repair Services – All motors are run-tested in our lab before being returned with a detailed failure report and 1 Year Warranty

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