Working with us is simple – we do it for you

    We have worked with OEMs for decades to deliver a motor or integrated servo system designed specifically for each individual application at the best value.


    Our internal quality and engineering resources become an extension of your project team to develop a powerful motor or integrated servo system. From selecting technology to managing inventory, it is here to show you the differentiating value in our services cannot be beat.

Our internal operations and influence the relationships we build with clients and suppliers

※ Customer Focus

Focus on meeting each customer’s specific needs by investing in tooling, inventory, and process efficiencies that empower our employees and benefit our clients.

※ Win-Win

Build an amicable win-win relationship with all of our customers and suppliers.

※ Integrity

Maintain the highest level of integrity and fairness at all times.

※ Respect

Treat others with the utmost respect and dignity.

※ Team

Build a positive team environment and family spirit.

※ Value

Deliver value through highest quality of service, cost, and responsiveness.

※ Sustainability

Profitably grow through innovation, adaptability, and flexibility.

※ Culture

Family oriented with a functional work/life balance.

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